About Me

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In Pursuit of Beauty

Welcome! My motivation is to realize special moments that speak to the intrinsic beauty residing in nature and all of us. We are so fortunate to be in the midst of such grandeur—finding and reproducing it with photography is a wonderful challenge!

Many of my photos are taken in Northern Colorado, around the Fort Collins area.  But regardless of where I am, I attempt to reflect the serene magnificence present in our world.

The color photos were realized with Nikon digital cameras using Nikkor and Zeiss lenses. The black and white photos were obtained with a Tachihara field view camera using 4″x 5″ B&W film—no microchips are involved until after the film is developed and I scan the negative to create a digital file.

I am a photography enthusiast, and am always looking for more opportunities, people, and places to photograph. If you are interested in hearing more about my work, purchasing any of these images, or having me photograph for you, please contact me. Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy!

Scott Burnworth     Fort Collins, Colorado